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Battle for Trademarks Ltd.

Phone: +353 - 1 - 494 53 28

Last update: 10 October 2011

BATTLE for trademarks in Ireland


We are proud of our record of getting trademarks registered officially.
BATTLE aims to provide customers with
quality trademark services
that are competitive at a high level.

Trade mark specialists Ireland

Battle for Trademarks Ltd., known as BATTLE®, is becoming one of Ireland's leading trade mark specialists.

We now concentrate on 3 main divisions. The main one deals with trade mark services such as trade mark specialists, trade mark attorneys, and trade mark registration.

Trade marks when registered can hold powerful rights under trade mark law

When you get a trade mark registered it obtains quite powerful rights in law. Registered trade marks are treated under Irish law as being equivalent to property. This enables trade mark specialists to provide strong rights to owners of registered trade marks.

Registered trade marks, once registered, cover a much wider area than your own property. This is because trade mark registration has boundaries that extend across the whole country where the trade mark is registered, and can be extended to other countries.

Trade mark specialists Ireland

Since our formation in 1996, we have expanded our services into three main divisions:

•   Trade mark specialists and brand protection,
•   Business negotiators, and
•   BizValue® agreement services.

Established intellectual property rights can convey significant benefits to businesses. Businesses that use policies to protect their trade attributes can increase the value of their business. Trade mark specialists help to legally register intellectual property contained in your business names, trade marks, brands, or logos. Unless such rights are properly protected and established, the value may be considerably undermined by possible competitors.

Laws support registered trade marks for consumers as well as suppliers

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Most countries provide attractive legal rights to allow holders of intellectual property legally to establish and validate such rights, subject to following certain procedures, for example trade mark registration and patenting innovation. This helps to encourage innovation and investment. It also provides assurances to consumers that they can rely on trade marks as an indicator of origin, of originality, and of genuineness. Without trade mark laws, consumers would be more exposed to counterfeit goods and services, lack of dependability on quality, and potentially total confusion in where goods come from. As trade mark specialists in Ireland we specialise in increasing the value of intellectual property rights, concentrating especially on protecting trade marks, brands or logos for customers. One of the ways we do this is by registering brands in Ireland and other countries.

We seek to obtain statutory monopoly rights for our customers' brands. This helps to establish legally recognised intellectual property rights in their trade marks. As trade mark specialists or trade mark representatives, we seek to register trade marks for their owners.

We aim to provide professional services to all customers. To date we have built our business on a solid foundation of core values that treat our customers with respect, provide high level access, and also, we offer good value for money.